Configuration d'un compte IMAP Gmail

From the Tools menu, select Account Settings and highlight your Gmail address.

1. On the Server Settings tab:

Check for new messages at startup > checked

Check for new messages every 10 minutes > checked

When I delete a message > Mark it as deleted

Clean up ("Expunge") Inbox on Exit > do NOT check

Empty Trash on Exit > do NOT check

2. On the Copies & Folders tab in the When sending messages, automatically section:

Place a copy in > do NOT check

3. On the Copies & Folders tab in the Drafts and Templates section:

Keep message drafts in > Other

Other > [Your Gmail address] > [Gmail] > Drafts

4. On the Junk Settings tab

Enable adaptive junk mail controls > do NOT check

5. Click OK to save and close your account settings.

If you'd like to to further enhance your IMAP experience, please carefully follow these additional steps:

1.In the 'Tools' menu, open Options.

2.On the 'Advanced' tab, open the General section.

3.Click the Config Editor button.

4.In the 'Filter' box, type 'browser.cache.memory.capacity'

5.Double-click on the browser.cache.memory.capacity entry to edit its value.

6.Change the value to '30720' and click OK.

7.Delete the text in the 'Filter' box and type 'mail.server.default.fetch_by_chunks'

8.Double-click on the mail.server.default.fetch_by_chunks entry to set its value to false.

9.Close the 'about:config' window and then close 'Options' by clicking OK.