Intel(R) Common User Interface


Having the advantage of WinPatrol PLUS, I am able to provide you with more information about igfxdev.dll:

Intel Video Controls - IGFXPERS.EXE

Igfxdev.dll and igfxpers.exe will be found in your Windows\System or System32 folder. You may see these files described as "igfxcui" and "Persistence" respectively. This files are installed with VGA Graphics cards based upon Intel chipsets. They provide an interface whereby you can modify graphics settings using hotkey commands.

If you're experiencing system lockups or slowness when running Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may want to disable three related files: igfxpers.exe, igfxtray.exe and hkcmd.exe. Igfxtray places an icon in your system tray that you can use to set video controls. Hkcmd.exe supports changing video configurations via hotkeys You can access video properties via the control panel or by right clicking over empty space on your desktop then selecting "Properties".


The indication of "Safe" means that it is safe to keep it in start up if you prefer.  Bill has another feature available when looking up things on the WinPatrol PLUS Knowledge Base.  It is a "voluntary" option for PLUS users to share reviews of files with the WinPatrol Cloud.  The information does help others to make an informed decision.

As to igfxdev.dll, of those who elected to provide the information, following are the results:

490   Users chose to allow this file to run.

46538   Users decided to prevent this file from running.

Thus, you can decide either way.  As you'll see in the article I linked to above, if you change your mind, you can easily go to Start Up programs in WinPatrol and make the change.  So, if you decided to allow igfxdev.dll to run at Start up, click Accept.  If you do not have the need to modify graphics settings, you can select Reject.

This article is a bit more advanced, but shows how to use System Lookup for file names:  Reviewing Start-Up Programs.